What NAMS can do for you!

Matthew 28:19″Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
What is NAMS?
NAMS stands for the New Anglican Missionary Society.
NAMS is a global order of men and women, who practically train churches in the areas of evangelism, discipleship multiplication and mission mobilization.
It is a community raised up by God for the 21st century but rooted in the life and faith of the first century.
We exist to:
• help spread the Gospel to all People.
• train and equip disciple-making disciples.
• train and equip disciple-making leaders.
• send trained and equipped people globally.
• plant churches.

Our Goals:

• BUILD a global network of Companions, whom God calls to the NAMS vision
• GO wherever the Lord Jesus sends us.
• HELP to plant new communities of faith, obedient to the Great Commission.
• Remain faithful to the Gospel and Kingdom values.

Does your church believe that discipleship is the number one task commanded to us? If yes. you are not alone according to Barna Research. The majority of churches feel this way. Only 1% of churches say we do this well.

Would your church like to learn how to practically and simply learn how to help your people become disciples that make disciples? Disciple-making leaders? Becoming a sending church?

We can help!

Contact us to schedule a meeting or training:
Rev. Clay Hamrick 904-536-8197 homejax@gmail.com