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Starting this month, we are sowing into new territory across the city. We are choosing as God leads ten different areas. There will be two locations in each of the quadrants. Every other week we will have presence in those places including prayerwalks, evangelism and mercy ministry.

We will also have outreaches once per month in one of the ten locations. We will search for persons of peace and start new simple churches.

Worship Songs – guitar chords


We found that as we started churches and groups that folks needed help with music. We also found that we had hidden talents. We had people who played the guitar, piano, violin, etc. They needed a dose of encouragement and an opportunity to “do” and space to fail.

We put together a few songs with chords for the guitar that hopefully help. These are printed with simple chords that even a beginner could play a joyful noise to the Lord.

Worship Songs – Chords



Reaching globally

NoPlaceLeft Documentary from Sugar Creek Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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Disciple making Disciples

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May 07

Person of Peace – answered prayer


Person of Peace – Answered prayer

In an apartment yesterday, we were prayer walking with expectation that God would give us a person of peace. This person would receive prayer. They would receive our message. They would show hospitality. There would be a draw.

We worked our way to the last building in the complex and saw two men on the second floor. We asked if the would like prayer. One, I’ll call Luke, asked if we were Jehovah Witness. We smiled and said, no. Luke came downstairs and took the book we had for him. (Lifebook) He said he was spending time with the JWs going through the Bible, but it was not his background.

We asked if we could come back and share some stories from the Bible and talk about his thoughts on the JW. He said, yes. We gave Luke our number and made arrangements to meet again. The next day we met. He welcomed us into his home and he began genuinely asking great questions.

He then confessed that he had been praying that God would send someone to share with him the truth and walk him through the Scriptures. Luke said, he was surprised how fast God had answered his prayers. We then told him that we too had been praying for a person to disciple. We all were very encouraged.

We decided to get together weekly for accountability and discipleship.

Fishing is exciting at times!

Go Fish!

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